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In Spirit

by Great Deceivers

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dividing line that goes undefined/don’t walk away while you’re peaking on top of it in your prime/milk it for what it’s worth/divining rod points to lives of crime/home in stay on the run/but the focus starts to slide/dividing line that goes undefined/tighten your grip behind the wheel with all your thoughts in decline/save face for what it’s worth/deciding with a life on the line/no prints move like a ghost/but the past acts as your guide/time’s not on your side/give it a rest for a while/point your red eyes at the prize/focus on basic survival/time’s not on your side
Namesake 04:09
suck your gut in deep/feel your total weakness/fill your lungs completely/they don’t really mean it/where to turn when your head’s already made its way round/where to put it instead/between legs that’ll have you/do whatever you have to/always been a sucker/indebted to the clutter/with which your hands keep busy toiling with no direction/well I guess you could say/that I lost my way/that I fell out of place and I fumbled the page/good luck finding your way back/cause it’s all that you have/there might never be more/and if they gave you the last/what would you use it for/to match the face with the namesake/at the core we just disagree on the same things/so what more could you want now/what more could you want now than to see it all dissolve into nothingness where it all started and it’ll end/into nothingness where it all started and it all ends
drained you’re not the same as you were/chained and all that you know’s how to hurt/yeah you fooled me truly/and it’s my undoing/it’s chill and i’m cooling off now shutdown/yes it’s all consuming/see the thread unspooling/gone for good assuming stances can’t quit/brittle bond/a loose agreement/mere acquaintance/casting doubt at every step so nobody wins/I’m desperate for a comfort now that nothing provides
The Leash 03:01
I can count on one hand all the things/that are safe from the mind and its fangs/you brace for the impact/your heart at an impasse/but suddenly your mind’s at ease/the spirit’s calm/the soul’s at peace/the promise gone/the path overgrown/but I long to be on your mind at least/if you say the word then I’ll wear the leash/but I still can’t believe that I’ve been released/come when called at any expense/set me on any neck that you see fit for tearing into/while you think of what this could have been/tighter now the chain digs in/one point for a cutting word/two for whispered truths that echo on forever/a worthless treasure
2 Real 04:33
compulsive glutton for violence and disorder/sick pattern that cries when ignored/now that the habit is forming/the baseline is phoning it in/for a taste of the glory/you paw through the mess that you’ve made/shouldn’t it be rewarding/but you can get your head round the sequence/how it plays out/soft spot that’s raw at the core/seek relief through contorting/you claw your way into the cage/can only be supportive of a rampant disbelief that things change/there is only evidence for poor attempts to dull the blade/all good intentions do is fade into longing/and now where there once was something worth saving there is only dried blood/sure could use you off the sidelines/a show good of good faith that you can’t rewind/that doesn’t feel fake/never quite right/the joke’s in poor taste but are you surprised/you fight me cause you know that at the bottom nothing can grow so why should I bother to
Safer Harbor 02:51
wonder what would have occurred if only you had tried a little harder/wonder what you could have done if only you had reached a little farther/out on your own and now you know there is no home there is no safer harbor/your point is vague so work to make it sharper/my patience here won’t hold for too much longer/put all I had on one sure thing and now there’s nothing left with which to barter/oh no it’s gone away again/collapsed in it’s classic/retracted and spent/there goes that one sure thing and in its place the longest face/where shit adds up and sleep is king/you bite down and don’t feel the sting/it moves away from all other things/what did you expect from it
Orienteering 02:25
slept through all the movements and now I’m behind/never really clued in/never really tried/running on a circuit/outpacing all the broken fixtures on a surface that time ago was golden/speeding past the sad trap into the arms of bad acts/firing on all fronts/leaving you choking on dust/willing to strike a deal/you’re on the losing side/what’s that like/live in a secret place/where there’s no fight no flight/just blurry lines
Base Self 02:07
aching for a deeper knot/feels for a goner you’re sure droning on/how did we get so far and when did it get so hard/tell me something I don’t already know/feeling fucked up where I once felt home/tell me something/how many times did we come so close only to escape unscathed/holding back on the instinct when I should be killing/fulfilling the word the way that it’s written/holding back on the instinct and fighting for inches/fulfilling the urge that we should be living
Projection 03:13
pulling out all of the stops that you’ve got/to kill a moment alone/to kill a wavering thought/walking facedown/silence in a thick haze/and rather than trying to understand you carry on at greater speeds/and you tear down just to move on/and you go back where you came from/can’t sing me the song you spun to drown out the one I hummed there all along even when faced with growing doubt/can’t will me to pluck the bloom I’ve planted in spite of doubt and without proof against the odds it’s taken root/championed the darkness like I knew it could/each word a lie/each plan a trap/each step forward while looking back/out walking facedown/at home in a fake life/with fingers in your ears/and blinders on your eyes
Retreat 04:08
blurry beyond belief/offense on the retreat/but kiddo swing for the trees/the final fight can’t be clean/don’t lose that hold/the ground we gained in bitter cold/give up the ghost/all that remains/call off the dogs/there’s no response/give chase until you slip the bonds/the marble vow recited on an altar of our slaughtered song/how’d you ever let go/of the trouble you hold onto/poison reminder that you taste but still swallow/and it goes down like easy tiger/tame until the shallow rolls over the stronghold/so don’t fight cause you can’t win/glue the petals to the rose/easy tiger you’re retreating as you roam
calculate the comfort going back would yield you/weigh all other options/now that the evening starts the yearning/look how fast you’re learning to glide across the surface/don’t dip below/rough go/I can tell you’re nervous/don’t count on me/the hope machine’s all out of service/and the warranty is worthless/and the finer points are skirted/and the small print’s poorly worded/and the reward is the burden/in another life you’d never think twice about licking the spark that runs down the wire/look out now/loose cannon for hire/the signal is sent/cut me some slack/the floodlights flash then fade to black/in another life you’re not afraid to bare your teeth and lick the blade/in another life
latcher on to what you couldn’t dream/anxious and unwell when gaining speed/who do you wish you could be when the going got rough and they called out your bluff/too composed to tell me what you need/now you’re gripping the arch and the full moon’s gone dark/closed off and cold/take note you’re slipping down/freewheel/we’ll coast/risky and risking a fall/still life underwater/motionless and floating by/preserved perfect near the surface free from time and sense of purpose/every bit apart from what was promised when we came/and with each passing moment I forget we work the same/still life/cause it’s a reminder of what you left behind/now I’m the reminder of what you left behind


released January 19, 2019

All music and words by Great Deceivers
Recorded and Mixed by Seth Engel at Pallet Sound with assistance from Russell Harrison
Mastered by Dave Downham at Gradwell House
Additional vocals on Namesake by Sam Bern
Artwork and design by Daniel Harris

Max Green - Vocals/Guitar
Russell Harrison - Guitar
Ben Rudolph - Bass/Vocals
Seth Engel - Drums/Vocals

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Great Deceivers Chicago, Illinois

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